About Noosa Junction

Noosa Junction is the village heart of Noosa and where locals come
to do business, shop, dine & be entertained.
Whether you’re here to work or play, there’s over 250 stores and businesses to explore!

Indulge in retail therapy, whether it's gorgeous designer gear or comfy undies, stunning shoes, swimwear,
sportswear, eyewear, home wares, fresh-cut flowers, kids' toys or beauty products.


Dine out, grab a snack or feed your caffeine addiction – we do great food, coffee and cocktails!


Treat yourself to a massage, make-over, new hairstyle, or something more metaphysical, get healthy with yoga, Pilates or a gym work-out.

Check out the latest best seller, blockbuster, see a flick, browse in a gallery, take in a show or update,
hire or swap your surfboard or gear at well-known local surf outlets.


Noosa Junction is also home to two supermarkets, major banks, post-office, and a full range of medical, legal and business services.

There’s something for everyone at everyone’s favourite local - Noosa Junction.

Noosa Junction is a perfect place for all types of events.
We’ve got a range of great spaces and venues, both public and privately owned,
including The J & Noosa Cinemas,
a range of restaurants and bars – even our laneways can be transformed for pop-up events.
Noosa Junction Association welcomes a range of events in our precinct. 
If you are thinking of holding an event in a Junction space, please take the following considerations into account:


~ Liquor Licensing More Info

~ Council Permits (you may need a licence, even on private land). Check with Noosa Council

~Being respectful to our neighbours regarding noise and notifications of events.
It is good manners to let nearby businesses know you’re holding an event

~ Leaving no footprint so organising appropriate waste management services

~ Security

~ Toilet Facilities

If you would like to work with the Noosa Junction Association on an event or any other project, please get in touch.

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Our History

The Noosa Junction story is part Aussie larrikin, part entrepreneur.


It’s as entertaining and intriguing as the characters that created it -

an irreplaceable piece of history based on memories and recollections of those past and present.

It's the story of the meeting of two dirt roads, a home with a plumbers shop front and a 
25 pound investment that is now worth millions